Tuesday, June 02, 2009

You better Belize it baby!

Well, I have held off on letting everyone know because I had to wait and see how the class (Marine Ecology) went, but now that I have passed it - I will be leaving for BELIZE on Friday.

I am so excited. This a ton of firsts for me coming up.

First time out of the country, first time snorkling. If hubby has his way, first time river tubing (in a cave no less).

I figure I will fry like a lobster. Although I have dark hair, I have VERY fair skin and I don't tend to tan. I burn really nicely though. LOTS of sun block and burn gel packed. That was the first thing in the bag. LOL

We will be gone from the 5th to the 15th, with VERY limited internet. We will be staying at a field station, and likely have to hike to town to use the internet cafe for the checking of mail.

A pretty big quake happened there the other day, so we all have our fingers crossed that the pressue has been relieved and that it won't happen again for quite some time. We are also hoping we have power. LOL

I hope to come back with TONS of pictures.

Michelle Houston

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