Saturday, June 06, 2009

Animal Attraction reviews

First up in the new reviews is Taming The Wolf.

Night Owl Reviews took a look at it and rated it a Page Turner.

""Taming the Wolf" was a joy to read. [...] I really enjoyed the overall vibe. The love scenes were hot, steamy and sexy. The storyline was a grabber and kept me very interested. So interested that I’m looking forward to more by this author. I will recommend this book to other readers and friends."

Then Acquanetta Ferguson of the San Diego Examiner gave Embracing the Leopard a rating of 5 - which means it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO BUY. Whoohoo!!!

"This beautiful story is told in loving detail, from the locale, to the sensation of being there, a silent observer watching two males make love with such an intensity, you feel as if you are truly there. Bottom line, this story gets a 5. This is my third story from Michelle, and each story, while different, shows the emotion versus telling the emotion. The one sensual scene where the two mate is hot yet tender."

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