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Movies by Decades

Kat Lively of Phaze started an interesting proposal of blogging on a topic and linking our posts to each other.

So far, only she and Nona Wesley have blogged, and I guess now it's my turn. : )

As I mentioned in my X-Men post, I am not much of a movie theater person. I prefer to stay at home, curl up on the couch, and watch DVD's. Some of my favorite movies are oldies. In fact, I tend to prefer watching older movies to the new blockbusters.

Starting with the 1930's, my favorites are:

1930: Gone With the Wind - I have to agree with Kat on this one. Gone With the Wind kicked ass, especially for its time. "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn" was a boundary pusher.

1940: Anna and the King of Siam - say what you will about this one, it was great for it's time. And the storyline is obviously something that is still worthy of attention, as later entries in this list will note.

1950: The King and I - another take on the theme of the previous entry, but this one is a hell of a lot better. Yul Brenner did an excellent job in this role. Plus, with some memorable songs like Shall We Dance, it's well worth the mention.

I couldn't pick just one movie for this decade though, cause Some Like It Hot also came out in this decade, and it is definitly worth a mention. Especially the ending "You don't understand ... I'm a man" "Well, nobody's perfect". LOL Plus, come on, Marilyn Monroe is HOT!

1960: The 60's had three movies that I feel worth mentioning.

Hatari - John Wayne did more than just westerns, and should be remembered for them. Hatari is one of them. I LOVE this movie. I even have a ring tone with the Elephant Song that plays at the end.
My Fair Lady - Again Rex Harrison has made this list. This movie far surpasses Anna and the King of Siam, partially because of his co-stars.

Dr. Doolittle - Although this one isn't quite as good as My Fair Lady, Rex Harrison does it again. Ed Murphy just doesn't quite do justice to this storyline. Do you talk to the animals?

1970: The Shootist - Ok, so this one is a John Wayne western, but its more of a character study than a true western. And it is my pick for the decade of the 70's.

1980: Dead Poets Society - Total geek movie, but this one got me started on Robin Williams, and the Robert Sean Leonard hasn't changed much since then, except he has gotten a bit more attractive. I used to have SUCH a crush on him. LOL

1990: Ok, this one is another triple decade.

Silence of the Lambs - Oh yeah. Oh hell yeah. Come on, he had me at "Hello Clarice."

Hunt For Red October - Alec Baldwin actually looked cute in this movie, but Sean Connery MADE IT! And Sam Neill? Definitely needed to be on the list.

Anna and the King - Jodie Foster again. (She was in Silence of the Lambs for those that haven't seen it). The King of Siam and Anna theme returns to the big screen, this time told in more of a love story way than ever before.

I own the book too, just in case you are wondering. Nice hardbound that I got from a library sale.

2000: Ok, so there are a TON of movies with nice cinemagraphic effects, lots of well portrayed characters, and gripping plots.

But I am a geek.

So for 2000, there are again 3.

Stargate: Continuum - Most people will have never heard of this one. In the 90's, Stargate the movie came out. A TV series called Stargate: SG1 spun off of it, and ran 10 seasons. After which time, they decided to wrap things up in two movies, rather than take another 2 seasons. So the first was made, Ark of Truth. Then the return of the biggest bad guy of them all, the system lord Ba'al, played by Cliff Simon. Add in my favorite make actors, Michael Shanks and Ben Browder, and it is an orgasmic good time. Damn good movie too. : )

Yeah baby!

Then, there is the underdog - The Chronicles of Riddick. Say what you will, I enjoyed this movie, much more than Pitch Black. Damn, that voice of his .... whooooooo.
Then, there is Serenity, another movie made after the end of a series. This time, the premature end. Firefly only had 13 episodes, but they were enough to grab on to fans and not let the hell go. And it dropped off, leaving fans hanging. Then, the good news ... a movie was going to be made to sort of bring an end to some hanging plot lines. Serenity is that movie, and it was so well done that you didn't need to watch Firefly to follow what was going on.

And that brings my list to an end. Any movies you feel deserve it more than those I listed? Then post your own blog and let Kat Lively know about it.
Visit her blog for more details.

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