Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Diggin' Up Bones - Recommended To Buy!!!

Acquanetta Ferguson has reviewed Diggin' Up Bones and rated it Recommended To Buy!!!

Here's what she had to say ...

"This is the second book that I’ve read by Michelle Houston, and again she has captured human emotions in about 43 pages.

This is the touching love story of Alisa who had something tragic happen to her and in the process broke up with Zack. Two years later, after discovering some Native American remains on her property she calls the one man she can trust which is her ex.

Alisa is ready to put the past behind her, but in the beginning of the story, the only barriers to Alisa’s happiness is her own self-doubts and recriminations.

The story is told only in the point of view of Alisa and we learn so much of who she is by her actions and words. It is a powerful, yet riveting love story of triumph and redemption of one’s self.

Bottom line, the story gets a 4. The author has once again, shown her capacity to showcase human emotion in the written word. She also weaves a very sexy read with Alisa going out of her comfort zone to be with the man she loves. Do not let this one pass you by."


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