Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Another of the covers that I worked on was Jenna Allen's DAISY.
What is better? Acting out a fantasy or making love in reality?
He calls and she comes running. She's ready and willing to play whatever game he's dreamed up. Deep in the woods, he pulls out a knife and she wonders just what he has planned. And just what would Daisy do?
BEHIND THE COVER: Ok - I absolutely LOVE that image. She's soft, she sexy ... and DAMN she's hot. I think this cover turned out fantastic!
When I was looking for images for this cover, I knew from the author's info that Daisy is a submissive. So I wanted something that conveyed that, but also a sensuality. The trees were also necessary, because as it mentions in the blurb, she is chased in a forest.
Everything came so well together. : )

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Anonymous said...

I love the cover. It really stands out from other covers that I've seen lately.