Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Charles!

WARNING: This post is on a controversial topic.

200 year ago today, the father of the theory of natural selection was born.

CHARLES DARWIN knew during his lifetime that his theories would change the world, and that many would not be happy to hear them.

Sadly, he was lacking key components that the father of genetic, Gregor Mendel, was coming to understand. Although their works were being done around the same time, On the Origin of Species, was published without the key understanding of genetics.

Despite this missing component, Darwin's ideas was mostly on point, and sparked debate, as well as a new path for science to take.

Today was owe much to his questioning of things, and to his willingness to face the challenges to his ideas, as well as the personal attacks.

From the dawn of scientific questioning, those who propose ideas that fly in the face of what is currently accepted, face a danger either to their lives, or to their livelyhoods. Even today ...

People like Darwin are the reason why I have chosen to go into the field of biology, why I want to teach, and why I contribute to conservation efforts. He is an inspiration to me.

In a side note, GOOGLE got into the spirit of things today ...

(Those are the famous finches he studied)

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