Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sunday Suggestion

It's been a while since I have a made a Sunday Suggestion, but I just have to rave about a new book I read.

I have been reading Katie MacAlister's Green Dragons/Aisling Grey series since the beginning, but her latest one - the first in a spin off series about the Silver Dragons - is GREAT! I am a fast reader, and have been known to finish off a book in about a day or two, but this one I devoured and finished in an evening.

It's called PLAYING WITH FIRE and is delicious. I can't wait until October when the next book UP IN SMOKE comes out.

Only thing about PLAYING WITH FIRE is, if you really want to understand all of the backstory, you have to read the four books in the Aisling Grey/Green Dragons series that preceeds it. Not that that is a bad thing - they are hilarious and Drake (head fo the Green Dragons) is HOT! I am partial to Gabriel though (head of the Silver Dragons). Oh la la!

Details about the two Dragons septs, and all the books, can be found at:

The Aisling Grey/Green Dragon sept at:

And the Silver Dragon sept at:

In an additional note, there is a website devoted to the Dragons septs at: You can find out more about them (including more about the books), even become an honorary member of one of the septs. LOL I am a member of the Silver Dragons. I just couldn't resist.

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