Sunday, June 01, 2008

New Review: Celtic Love Knots volume 8

Found out about this review a few days ago, but I have been waiting on it to be posted to the review website. Since I recieved a review for Enslaving Heaven today, I decided to go ahead and post the one for Celtic Love Knots volume 8 as well and add in the link later once it has been shared.

"[SANDS OF TIME] a sweet love story that invites fantasy, as well as mortality, into the gathering of life. This story was excellent. Beautiful word pictures painted on a lovely canvas. I was immediately drawn into the fantasy. [TURNING BACK TIME] accompanies SANDS OF TIME, and it too is excellent. I loved both stories, although I wished they were longer. If you love fantasy and true love, [CELTIC LOVE KNOT VOLUME 8] is a must buy." ~ Desiree Douglas, Enchanting Reviews

The [ ] denote where the wording 'this story' or such is used and the title is inserted for clarification.

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