Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday Mix-up

Well, tomorrow starts a new month and it is late enough at night that I can safely say I won't be getting any more writing done this month.

I started working on a story I had previously started called Taming The Wolf and I figured out that I just wasn't happy with how it was going and where it was at, so I scrapped it and started it over. The new story has 1500 words done and I am liking where it is headed. I am keeping the title though. Plus I had ideas for future shorts along the same theme. : )

I also finished up the story I had planned to get done in June called Her Best Man. It's had three different titles as I have been working on it, but I finally settled on that as the title. LOL It's being edited now, and I hope to have it submitted soon. It took 880 words to wrap it up.

So I have a new word count of 23780. I decided to keep what I had written on the old version of Taming The Wolf because that is part of the writing process - writing something that sometimes doesn't work, and then reworking it or scrapping it, and creating something that does.

I really wanted to be at 25000 words, if not more at the end of June, but I have been going through some rough times here lately, and it just hasn't been a good few months writing wise. But I did hit damn close to where I should be at midyear, so I am satisfied with that.
I hope to soon get back to my parallel reality and modern myth stories. Between them I have about 15 ideas for future stories. LOL

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