Saturday, April 05, 2008

That D*mn Onry Serval! and the rest of my weekend

So, this weekend my daughter and I have had a "girls weekend". Normally when my husband has to go out of town, I go with him, and our daughter stays with his folks. This weekend he had to go out of town and his folks are out of town, so it was just us girls.

She's ten - and this is the first time we have spent this long together without my husband.

It's been an adventure. : )

So yesterday started out good. I got up on time, went to classes and all was rolling right along, then I got a call from her school. My daughter was in the nurse's office and I needed to come get her. She was having leg pains and was unable to focus. Growing pains are a b*tch! And she has had some really bad ones.

So I went to get her, called in to work (hubby was out of town by this point in time) and it just went downhill from there. She was cranky and wanted her daddy. We managed to get her settled in bed with her TV and stuffies (stuffed animals) and things went better. We had one of her favorite dishes for dinner, watched some TV together (she just got hooked on Stargate SG-1, so we are working our way through season 1 right now as a family, so we watched an episode she has already seen), and managed to get her to bed at a decent time.

Then I watched NUMB3RS. New episode - and it was GOOD! LOL

Today we had planned to go to the zoo - and she felt well enough to go. It was pretty today, nice and sunny and just warm enough. We had a great time, except some of the animals didn't cooperate. Most we just plain sleeping. LOL Which was fine - we could still see them. The Serval however STILL wasn't being cooperative. (See post: Lions, Tigers, and onry Serval, Oh my! We saw a few flashes of him, and the ONE TIME he came out for more than two seconds, I had dropped the camera down and missed it. Grrrrr.

The best part about the zoo trip though - I didn't get lost. To explain, I have to admit I get lost easily. Very easily. I spent several hours with my hubby debating the best route to get me up to KC and to the zoo without having to go through 1. the iron triangle (which is where several interstates meet and is a mess), 2. on an interstate if it could be avoided, and 3. through any dangerous neighborhoods. (My car isn't the best at times and we worried about me breaking down with a ten year old in the car).

And my daughter heckled me last night about me getting lost. "Mommy, promise you won't get us lost tomorrow. Mommy, that's why daddy always drives - he knows where we are going." LOL Yeah, and if he doesn't guess who gets to go in and ask for directions. LOL But I was nice and didn't mention that.

So when we got to the zoo she was so happy. "Mommy, we didn't get lost." We had a nice relaxing day, took out time, and just wandered about and stopped for however long we wanted to. Even better was the fact that we got home, again without getting lost. LOL

So we got home, had dinner, and wrapped up our evening watching Enchanted - which wasn't a half bad movie.

And tomorrow when my husband gets home, he gets to get the pictures off of the camera, listen to her recital of the whole weekend (including mommy not getting lost but cussing some while she looked for the right exit signs), and then he gets to watch Enchanted with her after some more Stargate SG-1 episodies. : )

So other than her having to miss school and not feeling well for part of Friday, the weekend has been good. If only that Serval had cooperated. LOL

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