Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Now Available: Volumes I, J, K and L of the Erotic Alphabet Series

I went to the post office the other day and recieved a welcome surprise - my copies of volumes K and L of the Erotic Alphabet Series. They were supposed to come out the end of this month, but were released early! Whoohoo! Plenty of time to order them and have them in for Valentine's Day. : )

My story in the K is for Kinky anthology is "Wandering Where Led".

When Karolyn takes her pony boy to another Dom's stable to mount his pony, she never expected to be as turned on by it as she was. Then again, she never expected the other pony to be a stallion.

My story in the L is for Leather anthology is "Tempted".

Elaine Marcum was turned on by leather, especially when it was hugging the tight curves of a woman. She even prowled the clubs, enjoying the view. What she hadn't expected was to run into one of her former students at a lesbian bar - a former student with an interesting ultimatum.

What's really cool about the Leather volume is that one of my writing friends also has a story in it. Be sure to check out Jude Mason's website for information on her story.

You can find all of the volumes so far at Amazon:

C Is For Co-eds - contains my story "Janelle's Spankology 101"

D Is For Dress-up - contains my story "A long-Held Fantasy"

G Is For Games - contains my story "nine Ball, Corner Pocket"

K Is For Kinky - contains my story "Wandering Where Led"

L Is For Leather - contains my story "Tempted"

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