Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Want a piece of Candy?

'Sex & Candy', edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel, is now available!


It contains my story "Peppermint Delight".

Lynette's husband Mike is deployed out of the country and she wants to send him some naughty pictures as well as his favorite candy - peppermint sticks. But her idea of naughty, and her friend Cyndi's idea of naughty, differs. Cyndi is determined that Mike would never look at his peppermint sticks the same way again.

The book was published by Pretty Things Press and is available on -

BOOK DESCRIPTION: What's sweet, sensual, arousing and guaranteed to have you coming back for more? Sex and Candy: 22 Succulent Stories, the latest erotica collection from Rachel Kramer Bussel! Starting with Six Layers of Sweetness, Sex and Candy takes you on a tour through Turkish Delight, Green Chili Chocolate, and Old-Fashioned Fudge, then lets you savor Peppermint Delight, Two Scoops of Gelato, some well-placed Twizzlers, and, of course, cupcakes. These stories will make your mouth water and the rest of your body scream for release. Feast your eyes on this delicious dessert anthology. By the end, you'll be licking your lips and searching your cupboards and bedroom for a sweet snack of your very own.

Keep your eyes open for the companion anthology 'Sex & Coffee', edited by Alison Tyler, coming in 2008.

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