Monday, October 15, 2007

STOM Conference

Ah, now I have you. You are wondering just what STOM is. LOL

STOM is the acronym for the Science Teachers of Missouri.

I managed to attend part of their fall conference the other day. Another pre-service teacher and I drove the two hours to Jefferson City together, and spent the day hanging out and attending lectures and looking at all the booths.

Free samples galore. I thought to some small degree that we were being put on when our teacher mentioned all of the free samples, but they were not joking. I knew there would be some, but for being the slow day of the conference, and not being that big of a conference overall, (especially not compared to the national ones) we both left with three bags of stuff. Small sample packets, flyers, booklets, lesson plans, science dictionaries (my prized possession at the moment) and about a dozen catalogs.

I have small piles of the stuff sitting beside my desk, as I am still sorting through it, deciding what to share/give away and what is mine, all mine! LOL

I had a blast though, It was fun just to be around people who are where I am going to be in a few years, to hear the things they are doing, and to network.

I am definitly looking forward to going again next year, and I plan to attend both days next time.


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