Monday, October 15, 2007

Fall Break: Geology Field Trip and meeting a friend

Friday I took the day off of work, since we were out of classes for our "fall break" and my husband, daughter and I went on the Geology Club Field Trip.

I had a BLAST! And I still feel about half dead. LOL

We went to a cave in the area (about an hour away), then headed down to Ha HaA Tonka State Park. There we saw a natural bridge, the burned out remains of a mansion that was built out of stone (GORGEOUS - wish someone would rebuild it), and went on the hike from hell.

The group wanted to go down and see the natural spring that fed the area, so we all figured yeah, sure, we can do this. And then went a mile and a half downhill (using stairs most of the way). Not too bad. Only problem - when you go a mile and a half downhill, you have to come back up somehow.

I didn't think I would ever make it back up the hill. I am still sore from the hike. But I would do it all again this Friday given half a chance. LOL

The best part about the trip though came after the field trip portion. Since we were so close to where my critique partner and friend D. Musgrave lives, we headed down and had dinner with him.

It was FANTASTIC to meet a man whom I have admired and been friends with almost 4 years. The even better part - we are going to try to get together again soon.

I am so thrilled that I got to meet him. He is even sweeter in person that he is online. And a damn good listener. LOL


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