Tuesday, October 02, 2007

New Release: Samhain Scorchers

Samhain Scorchers came out yesterday from Whiskey Creek Press - Torrid.

It contains my story "Laws of Nature", and indirect sequel to my story "Unnatural Bonds" in Summer Solstice Scorchers. (http://tinyurl.com/3bfg4g)

When Shaylee escapes from a kidnapping attempt, she manages to get to safety and the shelter of her neighbor's arms. Unfortunately, her body has awakened to Garrett's, demanding she mate with him. But will he be able to handle the fact that she is a were-creature? And that her kind mates for life?

Book description:

Being a were-animal and powerful witch has its advantages ... and disadvantages in Destiny's Star. Will an alien invasion bring a notorious prisoner and his sexy female guard together in The Doomsday Incident. Can a powerful female vampire learn to trust the gorgeous male vampire who moves in on her territory in Faith, Hope and Chastity.

In Hart and Souls a ghost 'relocator' discovers her perfect match--if only her weren't dead. In Laws of Nature a female were-creature's body awakens in the strong arms of the guy-next-door, but will he be able to handle the fact that her kind mates for life?

Alone in Italy, a single woman boards a water taxi to an island and meets something in the ancient land she never expects to find in One-Way to Venice. In The Raven's Curse, a gargoyle who is cursed to life his days in stone falls in love with the woman who shares her secrets. The only problem is - she thinks he's a statue.

~ * ~

And the reviews have been coming in. Not sure which ones I have posted yet, so I will share them all.

"Ms. Houston wrote a great short story. I would love for this to have been in a longer format, but it isn't so I will deal with it. She had me hooked from the first word and it ended too soon for me. It was just a teaser. An enjoyable one at that. " Robin for My Book Cravings

"Laws of Nature by Michelle Houston - One night Shaylee, a were-animal, is betrayed by Bobby, a man she thought was her friend. Rushing home, her next door neighbor, Garrett, comes to her aid. The attraction between them becomes too much and the passion explodes. Once the steam clears, Shay & Garrett set out to determine how much Bobby knows and what his intentions are towards Shay and her family. " Mendy for My Book Cravings

"Laws of Nature by Michelle Houston provided a strikingly 'normal' setting for the paranormal premise of her story. In a way, the love story she pens makes it even more credible and appealing. " Zee for Enchanting Reviews

"Laws of Nature is fantastic, animalistic and a very fun romp, Ms. Houston is a definite read for shape shifter lovers!" Stephanie for Paranormal Romance Reviews

"Laws of Nature is a wonderful story by Michelle Houston. The characters are well developed and come together with the plot to create a short story that reads more like a full length novel. I loved the passion in the story and hope to see more of these characters in the future." Tara for Two Lips Reviews

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