Thursday, September 06, 2007

Thursday Thirteen: Things I learned this week

Thirteen Things about Michelle Houston

Thirteen things I learned this week

1. I love Genetics - at least so far. The teacher is cool, the class is fun, and I am insane enough to actually ENJOY doing crosses and trying to figure out what parental types result in a certain offspring. Gotta love hypothetical crosses.

2. I hate chemistry - without a doubt. Like the teacher(s), the lab is ok, but I hate the homework program we have to use, and to a large extent the subject matter. I can understand some of it, but a lot is going right over my head.

3. I am too much of a take-charge kind of person. I need to step back and let others do some of the work. So I am trying to do that in my two labs and in the student organization I just got elected President to. Delegation is going to be the hey there.

4. I learned that there is only so many times I can transfer water between instruments in the chemistry lab without going batty. 5 times is the limit. After that, I am b*tchy. LOL But I understand why we had to do it - to familiarize ourselves with the instruments.

5. I am basically a lazy person. I always knew if given half a chance I would procrastinate, so I always do my homework as soon as I can, but lately I have started slacking off. And it hit me - I am lazy. LOL

6. I really suffer from test anxiety. Try as I might to destract myself and to let the fact that I KNOW the material sooth me, I know that when I walk through the door to take the test, I will being to blank out on the material. When I actually look at the thing, my mind will go blank. Now I just have to figure out how to work past it.

7. I hate taking classes alone. I alsways feel more relaxed when I know at least one person in the class. And yet ...

8. I like taking online clases. Except for the sheer volume of busy work many of the professors give, I like working at my own pace through the material, provided I am done by the end of the week.

9. My daughter is almost as good of a poker player as I am. Although, that is NOT saying much. LOL She also stomps my *ss at monopoly - but that's not a new discovery. She did that her very first try playing - at about age 7. Now she's 9.

10. I always study better when I am writing. Since I haven't been writing the last few months, that might have something to do with my problems with this semester. I am hoping to change that next week.

11. Now as for factual information, I learned about genetics crosses, sex chromosomes (most of which I already knew), the funky feel of strawberry DNA (Genetics lab) and about making a gel matrix for electrocuting particles. LOL

12. I also learned a bit more about the periodic table of elements, Dalton's Theory, the Laws of Chemistry, and the like.

13. And I learned a bit about Piaget's Theory of adolescent development.

Yi-hah! This semester is off to a rocking start. LOL

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