Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Remembrance ...

I try to stay out of political debates online. I don't tend to express my religious views online.

So please, understand I am not expressing anything at this moment except my deepest condolences for those touched, and still touched, by September 11th.

My thoughts are with you in this time of crisis. In this time of mourning. In this time of pain.
I am sorry for your loss.

And to all who have lost loved ones in the past years as we struggle to keep events from happening again, whether we agree with the method or not, I would also like to offer my condolences to you as well.

Your loved ones were strong - they were proud - and they believed in something greater than all of us, and were willing to die to defend and protect it.

I can't say 'thank you' to them - so I offer it to you.

And 'thank you' to all who continue to server, who inlist each day, and who reinlist at the end of their term. My thoughts are with you ...


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