Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thursday Thirteen: Things that went wrong my first day back at school

Thirteen Things about Michelle Houston

Things that went wrong/bad on my first day of classes (yesterday) - warning, this one is a bit of a whine.

1. Had to get up WAY too early - that in and of itself is just wrong, and starts a day off badly.

2. My online class wasn't showing up like it was supposed to - and since we HAVE to attend the first day of classes or be dropped form the class, I started getting a bit worried. But it showed up later thankfully.

3. My daughter took forever getting ready and we almost didn't get out the door on time.

4. I couldn't find the classroom for my first class of the day - but I finally managed it.

5. The teacher for my first class was a substitue. Nice lady, had no clue what our actual professor would have wanted her to do though.

6. Found out I need MORE supplies for my Chemistry class, after spending about $250-300 on just that one class.

7. The school changed banks, so the ATM is no longer free (since it's no longer my bank), and no longer gives money in incriments of $10.00 like I was expecting.

8. The line in the financial aid office was wrapped around the stair well, so I didn't get a chance to go and get paperwork I need to file.

9. The second meeting of my first class (on Wednesday we meet TWICE) we also had a substitue. A different one. Who only knew part of what the morning teacher covered, and started on a topic I knew NOTHING about, while all the teenagers in the class did. I am still wondering WTF a Significant Figure is. Grrrr.

10. It rained. If I was at home when it rained and could snuggle under a blanket with a good book and watch it come down, that would be perfect. Being out in it with a 50lb bookbag and trying not to get drenched because I forgot my umbrella? Not so good.

11. Speaking of a good book, I finished my reading book *pout* and don't have the cash at the moment to buy another one.

12. Then I had to rush up to the store where my father-in-law was buying my daughter some new tennis shoes to find that she wears an odd size. She's nine, and is already wearing a women's 6 wide. THEN I had to rush her home, feed her, get her to gymnastics (which started late), get her home (after gymnastics let out late), and then fight with her until almost 10:30 to get her to go to sleep.

13. And to top it all off, I forgot to post the Wednesday Word, which I had been waiting all week to share.

So ... today after dinner, we had French Silk pie (which I bought last night after Gymnastics and had to let thaw). LOL Given the equally crappy day my husband and daughter had yesterday, we all deserved it. LOL

Good news is, after talking to several of my college friends, that all had bad days too. : ) So at least I am not alone. LOL

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