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Thursday Thirteen - My family's pets

Thirteen Things about Michelle Houston
My family's Pets

There is an odd method to naming our pets that I must first explain. It all began with the firsts set of finches. My daughter had been nagging for a parakeet, so she saved up her money and we let her buy one. But while we were in the pet store, my husband saw a finch he wanted, so I bought him a pair. (I love birds). Anyways, we had to have names for them.

He loves Egypt, as do I, so we went with Tutankhamen.
1. Tutankhamen - is a grey Zebra finch

For his mate, we went with Anaksunamun. Sadly though, she died a few years later, and we had to get him a new mate. So his current mate is ...
2. Kali - so named because of the small white dot on her forhead. - she is also a grey Zebra finch

In the mean time, my daughter's parakeet was a bright yellow color, and reminded her of Belle's Dress in Beauty and the Beast, so her name is Belle.
3. Belle

Now one parakeet gets lonely, so my daughter saved up her money and bought another parakeet, which was a greenish-yellow color, and looked like it had rolled in a dust bin. Thus ...
4. Dusty

My husband's finches got a bit lonely too, so we bought him another. Since the male had an addititude much bigger than its small little body, we went with Napoleon.
5. Napoleon - he is also a grey Zebra finch

But what is Napoleon without his lady, so his mate is Josephine.

6. Josephine - she is our only fawn Zebra finch

As much as we love our babies, my husband had also wanted a white pair of finches, so I called all over town, and up to 100 miles away and found a pair of white Zebra finches in a town about an hour and a half away. We drove down and purchsed them, and the naming thrill began again.

The male also had a bit of an attitue for such a small body, and we wanted something exotic for his name, so we went with Nobunaga.
7. Nobunaga

His wife was Kitsuno, so we namedthe white female that. Sadly, she also died, just a few short months after Anaksunamun. He went a while without a mate, since it is harder to find fully white Zebra finches, and finally after our move to Missouri, we succedded. (Or rather I did) and he now has a new mate ...
8. Kiada

Now my daughter wanted more parakeets, so after getting the original white finch pair, we found ourselves letting her buy two more parakeets.

One was mostly all white, with just a hint of blue. Being a Harry Potter fan (the movies - she hasn't read the books yet) she named it Hedwig.
9. Hedwig

The other parakeet is white, with dark blue on its wings and a rather cloud like pattern of blue and white on its breast. So it's name is ...
10. Skyler

Then Napolean and Josephine had their first clutch of babies, and we wound up letting her keep two of them, since she fell in love with them.

She watches the kid's show W.I.T.C.H. and the C on the show is Cornelia. HEr boyfirend is Caleb, so that's how the last two got their names.
11. Cornelia
12. Caleb

But there is one more spot left. And in it goes the cat. LOL The porr thing has been with my daughter since she was a toddler. He has been painted pink (with a marker), dressed up in princess outfits, and generally been a good sport about it all. His name though comes from two places. At the time, the movie Spirit: Stallion of the Samiron came out, and it was my daughter's favorite movie. He's also almost all white and really light brown, so he was named ...
13. Spirit

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Jamie Hill said...

OMG Michelle! You're wildly creative and imaginative. But then, I knew that. This was funny and interesting!


Michelle Houston said...


Well, I did have some help with the names, from hubby and my daughter.

But yeah, they are interesting names. I can't wait until we actually get a house again and I can get my pair of lovebirds that I have wanted to get for years now.