Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Story Behind The Story ...

The Story Behind The Story: 413 Remembrance Lane

There are a few statements that come out of my mouth that make my friends want to scurry for cover. “I have an idea” is one of them.

Mid last year, I joined a group of writers called the Sexy Authors With Attitude. We had a lot of fun together.

Some of us even decided to start critiquing for each other. Which allowed me the chance to announce to about 4 other people, “So I had this idea for a set of stories.” And everything rolled downhill from there.

They all liked the idea of having a diary in a house, and each owner along the way writing their own entry. But to make it more fun, we decided to have each of the stories have a paranormal aspect to them too.

Then one of the authors dropped out. We invited two others to join us, and the ideas started flying.

We had a vampire and ghosts, a werewolf and a succubus. The Diary demanded a price for its use, something you didn’t know you were giving up until it was done.

As each of the stories were written, we also decided to keep the sexualities of the characters varied.

Then, when it was all written and edited to hell and back, we had to decide where to submit it. Phaze was at the top of our list of three, and we decided to go there, since a few of us were already published there and a couple wanted to be.

So we submitted the anthology, and waited. When we got the good news back, we were ecstatic. We worked together and hammered out the cover image we wanted, we all wrote out short blurbs and some did some extra work to create other promo items.

And now, what stated with words to strike fear into the hearts of my friends, is going to be available in two days. 413 Remembrance Lane: Diary of a House … all stated with the words “I have an idea.”

Yes, when I say those words now, the others know to run for cover. LOL And often do. Several authors have been known to lament that there isn’t enough time to write all their own ideas, let alone the ones they get from me too.


Michelle Houston


Jamie Hill said...

Very nicely written, my dear. You do have a way with words! {g}


Michelle Houston said...

Why thank you Jamie. Glad that you liked the post. : )