Thursday, August 09, 2007

Thursday Thirteen ... Favorite Authors, pt 1

Thirteen Things about Michelle Houston

Favorite Authors part 1- in no particular order

1. Nalini Singh - I just found this new and wonderful author with the first title in her Psy/Changleling universe.
2. Angela Knight - Still hot after how many books now? LOL I found her when she was with Ellora's Cave and I was reviewing for Sensual Romance Reviews. First book was Captive Dreams, which has since been rereleased. Her MageVerse series is an AUTO buy for me.
3. J R Ward - Dark, angst ridden vampires without the typical issues. They have totally unique ones instead. Angela Knight mentioned LOVING her books, so I decided to give them a try.
4. MaryJanice Davidson - The woman can write a comedic romance in ways I could neevr imagine. I am really in to her Betsy the Vampire Queen and Wyndham werewolves series. I'm been reading her as well since I was a reviewer.
5. Stephanie Rowe - Another new author for me. I picked up a book called Must Love Dragons, read it, but wondered about some of the details. They seemed to refer to a previous book and indeed there was one. Right now she's on the fourth book of the series.
6. Katie MacAlister - I started out with her vampires, but quickly fell in love with her dragons. What can I say, I am a dragon kind of girl. LOL
7. Kay Hooper - Not your traditional romances, although she DOES write romances. What I love from her is her Bishop series of FBI/paranormal murder mysteries with a romanctic element.
8. Linnea Sinclair - Another author I have held on to since I was reviewing. She writes some fantastic sci fi romances. Absolutely detailed and well written.
9. Robin D Owens - She has created an alternat world for her characters, where magic is very much alive.
10. Catherine Spangler - I started reading her books witht he Shielder series, and have continued now that she has moved to the Sentinel series.
11. Michele Bardsley = Another new comers, who is hitting hard and fast. Her Brokenheart, OK vamp series is in the vein of MaryJanice Davidson.
12. Rebecca York - LONG time fan. I have the COMPLETE 43rd light street series to date (including the peregin collection that ties in). LOL Now that she is writing the Moon series of werewolve stories, I am doubly hooked.
13. Elizabeth Guest - Suzanne Simmons is her other pen name. She borrowed the Elizabeth Guest name from one of her characters in the one book sof hers I have had for forever and will never part with; Desert Rogue. Now that she is writing contemporary/old Egyptian vampires, how can I resist.

And that's all for next week. Don't worry though, I have enough authors I like toread to fill up at least two more of these. : )

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