Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday Mix-up - my classes so far

Ah Monday, the beginning of the week. And the beginning of my second week of classes.

Since school is still very much new, and fresh to me, it once again is the topic on the edge of my mind.

But I have to say, unlike my Thursday Thirteen post, it's a good kind of post.

My Chemistry teacher is HOT! LOL She finally was able to teach the class today, and all I can say is wow! She's Russian, so she has a delicious accent to go with her looks. Medium-tall height, long blonde hair, about early 30's, and a build that I wish I had. LOL I may not enjoy the topic of the classes, but I think I will enjoy the class.

On another note, my Genetics class also looks to be enjoyable, for a different reason. The teacher flat out rocks. She's strict, but she's fun and approachable. And unlike a lot of the professors I have had that leave it all up to you, she actually wants students to come to her office if they don't understand anything.

Meteorology looks to be fairly easy, or at least understandable. The professor is also one of the faculty advisors for the NSTA chapter I am running for president for, so I have a feeling she will be expecting more out of me, but will also be more willing to explain things if I don't understand them. But I think I will do fine in the class.

I am still forming an opinion on my Educational Psychology class - especially since it is online, and some of the programs we are using I am unfamiliar with. It's going to take some time to get the flow of the class. It's a LOT of doing stuff on my own, which I am not the worlds best at when it comes to classes - but it certainly fits within my schedule. LOL


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