Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It's Raining Reviews

Whew, it's been going crazy the last few days with reviews. LOL So of course, I had to share them with you. If there is no link to more of the review, it's because it either hasn't been posted yet or I haven't had a spare moment to hunt down the exact URL. I will have the full reviews posted on my website soon.

Diggin' Up Bones - coming September 17th from Phaze

"Diggin’ Up Bones is a short romantic read that’s packed with love and longing. It’s clear from the start that what Alisa and Zach shared was not meant to end. Ms. Houston pens a sizzling romance that’s sweet and emotionally captivating. The tender reunion between characters is delightfully passion filled" ~ Water Nymph for Literary Nymphs

Summer Solstice Scorchers - available now from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

"This is a very entertaining anthology with some really good stories that are different and fun. Fans of the paranormal should enjoy this one. ... Summer Solstice Scorchers is an anthology well worth the investment" ~ Valerie for Love Romances and More

Samhain Scorchers - coming October 1st from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

"Ms. Houston wrote a great short story. ... She had me hooked from the first word and it ended too soon for me." ~ Robin for My Book Cravings

" While the stories in this anthology were shorter than a normal novel, their plots were wonderfully written and the characters well developed for the most part. The steamy sexy scenes were nicely balanced by smoothly moving story lines. This anthology definitely deserves its 'scorching' title. " ~ Mendy for My Book Cravings

"I admit I have rarely found a book I have devoured as rapidly as I did this one. The stories just flew before me, sapping at my control. All I wanted, all I craved, was to read it all. " ~ Zee for Enchanting Reviews

Iridescence - edited by Jolie du Pre

"my, oh my, do I love that cover ... it strikes me that the cover is a perfect preview of what the stories inside provide.And that is something more than just hot, sexy stories. They are hot and sexy and juicy and if that’s what you’re looking for, you won’t be disappointed. But as I read, I realized there was something else going on for me which sort of confused me at first because it was new. I was actually caring about the characters as women, as people. I REALLY wanted them to get together with their new lovers or find solace with their long-time partners." ~ Donna George Storey

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