Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My WCPTorrid Post

For those that didn't get a chance to swing by the WCP Torrid myspace page to read my post, here it is. : )


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Hello everyone. It's my turn to share a little bit about myself, and my story for the Summer Solstice Scorchers anthology.

Like many writers I know, I can't image my life with books, and without writing. Some people I know think I am weird, since I would rather curl up with a book than watch TV – unless it's Law & Order. I've even heard some people say they haven't read a book since school, and I find that completely beyond my grasp. For me, books have always been, and will always be, part of my life.

I started writing, because when I would have trouble sleeping, I would lie in bed and tell myself stories until I would drift away. I would read a book, and think "that's not how it was supposed to end." I started writing to keep myself sane in an insane world.

I've often heard romances and erotic romances called "escapism fiction" with a snotty tone. But there is nothing wrong with escaping for a little while. We lose ourselves in TV shows, in sports games, and in the lives of the 'stars'. Why is it so wrong to lose oneself in a good book?
I write escapism fiction, I read it, and I love it. I try to lose myself in another writer's world at least once a week, if not more often. I try to create a world for others to lose themselves in, as often as I can find the time and inspiration.

In doing so, I don't hold myself to any one sub genre within the erotic romance/erotica realm. I write as the mood takes me, one day telling the story of a woman who is willing to go to great lengths to do what she knows to be right, to save a vampire from being tortured – even at cost to herself. Another day, there's the tale of a woman who finds love in the most unexpected place – with her next door neighbor - at the oddest of time.

Still another day, the mood to write about a woman who realizes too late that she has let life pass her by, and done nothing she really wanted to do, might take me. Luckily, she finds magic in the world and a second chance at living. And thanks to her taking a chance, her best friend is also touched by magic and finds that there is more to life than she had ever dreamed of.

The woman who goes to great length to do what is right is Kali, my heroine in Unnatural Bonds, my story for the Summer Solstice Scorchers anthology. The woman who finds love next door is Shaylee, the spunky shape-shifter heroine of the indirect companion story to Unnatural Bonds, called Laws of Nature, which has been accepted for the Samhain Scorchers anthology, coming in October.

The two friends who find that magic does exist, are the heroines of Sands of Time & Turning Back Time, the two stories that make up the Celtic Love Knots volume 8, which is coming in January 2008.

There have been other moods, and other stories written. I try my best to share them with others, when I can find a publisher who finds them worth sharing. And I try to keep my website (http://www.eroticpen.net/) updated with where they can be found.

In turn, I have a monthly website visit run that I do, hitting all of the authors on my auto-buy list, to see if they have anything new coming out soon.

I hope that you enjoy my story in the Summer Solstice Scorchers anthology, and that you have enjoyed this little visit.

Have a great summer … and keep reading, keep being swept away. I know that I will.

Michelle Houston

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