Monday, June 11, 2007

Hide & Seek ...

Whoohoo! Editors AlisonTyler and Rachel K Bussel have accepted my story "Peeping Tom, Dick, and Harriett", for the Hide and Seek anthology, coming in September from Cleis Press. I just signed the contract, and it's a wonderful feeling.

The full table of contents is:

Intro: Watch and Learn by Alison Tyler

Intro: Showing Off in Style by Rachel Kramer Bussel

Counting the Days by Saskia Walker

Red Light, Green Light by Shanna Germain

The Corners of My Eyes by Stan Kent

Interview with a Porn Star by Radclyffe

Operator 84 by Thomas S. Roche

Glint by Portia Da Costa

The Craziest Thing by Gwen Masters

For All The World to See by Matt Conklin

The Astronomer by L.A. Mistral

Visual Memory by Teresa Noelle Roberts

A Girl, Two Guys and a Sex Toy by Kristina Wright

Operatic Ecstasy by Erica DeQuaya

Behind the Wheel by L. Elise Bland

She Grinds Her Own Coffee by Cheri Magid

Peeping Tom, Dick, and Harriet by Michelle Houston

Undoing the Laces by Andrea Dale

Cruising by Lee Carney

Roof Flashing by Debra Hyde

Watching by Dante Davidson

Not a Voyeur by Alison Tyler

Like This by Rachel Kramer Bussel

I've got an excerpt posted on my website, if you want a small tease from my story. I'll give you a hint ... it's a lesbian exhibitionist story, involving a naughty peepshow.

Michelle Houston

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