Thursday, May 31, 2007

Iridescence Blog Tour

IRIDESCENCE comes out tomorrow, and to kick off the availability of the anthology, some of the contributors are doing a blog tour. It's going to run from June 1st to June 30th, 2007.

Iridescence: Sensuous Shades of Lesbian Erotica is an erotica anthology about lesbian women of color; from Caucasian to Asian to Latina to Indian to African American, and many shades in between - like a brilliant rainbow.

Visit the blogs of the Iridescence authors and learn a bit about them and about their stories.
The tour kicks off on June 1 at the blog of Jolie du Pre, editor of Iridescence.

(Some authors will post at more than one blog, and for some authors you have to visit their website to get the link(s) for their blog(s).)

I will be posting on June 21st.

June 1 - Jolie du Pre
June 2 - Cheyenne Blue
June 4 - Fiona Zedde
June 5 - Tenille Brown
June 7 - Rachel Kramer Bussel
June 11 - Amanda Earl
June 12 - Jolene Hui
June 14 - Sofia Quintero
June 18 - Teresa Noelle Roberts
June 20 - CB Potts
June 21 - Michelle Houston
June 22 - Jean Roberta
June 25 - Andrea Dale
June 26 - Tawanna Sullivan
June 28 - Terri Pray
June 29 - Jacqueline Applebee
June 30 - Dylynn DeSaint


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