Saturday, June 25, 2016

Sexy Love Scenes

I am a child of the 80's.  So many of the movies I watched growing up that actually had sex in them, were more sensual than in your face erotic.  And yet - holy shit they were hot!

I know, this may be odd for an erotica /erotic romance author to admit - but while I love reading sex scenes (the hotter the better), when it comes to watching a show, I prefer a soft, more subtle and sensual approach to things.

Two of them immediately come to mind:

The first is from a movie I am sure pretty much everyone has seen at least once - DIRTY DANCING.

There was just something about the innocence of Baby as she explored Johnny's body.  It was just so sensual.

I admit I STILL get a little giddy inside when I watch that scene.  It is soft and sexy and despite all of the stories about those two not liking each other, etc - they pulled off one hell of a scene together that even 30 years later sizzles.

The second scene that comes to mind, I doubt many will know.  It is from the movie MY CHAUFFEUR.

Again, we have a similar dynamic - 'fairly' innocent young woman (although less so than Baby) and a more mature man.

In this case, they kind of love to hate each other.  He is an ass, she is a little weird, and they end of stranded together and things heat up.

(And yes - that is the original Flash Gordon actor.  BONUS - Penn and Teller were also in it).

If you are interested - My Chauffeur is available on Amazon. :)

One of my favorite lines ... "Uh oh, we've been bad."  "Oh very bad."

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