Sunday, May 03, 2015

What's old is new again ...

As some of you know, but others might not, a little over a year ago I slipped two disks in my neck.  As a result, I have had sporadic pain and numbness in my left arm and spasms in my back.  I had hoped last summer that things were taking a turn for the better - however it quickly backslid.  Now I am just taking it one day at a time.

Today was a good day.  I managed to make some significant progress on a story (so I am hoping to have something new soon), and to finally get the last of my current re-releases published.  Right now, they are available at All Romance eBooks and Smashwords, and will soon be out at Amazon.

First up is ...


When an evil scientist starts experimenting on shifters and vampires, trying to uncover the secret to their kind, the races must join together to stop him. In the process, four couples find love and passion beyond any they could have imagined.

Unnatural Bonds: Kali risks everything to free Riordan from the scientist. Once she succeeds, she isn't certain what to do with him. He has a good idea though ... if she's willing.

Laws of Nature: When Shaylee escapes from a kidnapping attempt, she manages to get to safety and the shelter of her neighbor Garrett's arms. Once there, she discovers she doesn't want to leave.

Bound in Blood: Anya is a protector for the vampire race. In the process of taking care of the threat to her people, she meets Ruben, who is delighted to find that she is his mate. Can this strong woman submit to a determined shifter?

Nature of the Beast: As a councilor for the vampire race, Kathryn has had to make hard choices--including sending Anya to take care of the scientist hunting them. One of the hardest thought is accepting that she is a shifter's mate. As a future alpha, Vance isn't willing to accept no for an answer.

All Romance eBooks - Fangs and Fur by Michelle Houston

Smashwords – Fangs and Fur – a book by Michelle Houston

Next is ...


Mt. Olympus will never be the same again ...

PANDORA: Created by the Gods as punishment. It took a goddess to understand that she too was being punished, and a God to unleash the woman she was truly meant to be.

PERSEPHONE: Kidnapped by Hades, she knew that there was more to him than the Lord of the Underworld bit. Underneath his death lord exterior beat a kind and caring heart, as she knew all to well.

PSYCHE: Beloved of Cupid, she wasn't to ever know who her husband was. But she wasn't content to be kept in the dark forever.

CHARON: He had been alone for a long time; then one day a whirlwind of emotion named Ledia demanded that he take her across Styx to meet with Hades, so that she could bargain for her brother's soul. Charon never expected to fall for the demanding minx.

GALATEA. Loved by her creator, she was given life. Unfortunately, the personality had to be worked on a bit.

APHRODITE: It's quite simple exhausting to be the goddess of love. Everyone wants something from her, including the other deities. Yet Aphrodite knows that sometimes a Goddess just has to have some down time.

All Romance eBooks - Maidens and Myths by Michelle Houston

Smashwords – Maidens and Myths – a book by Michelle Houston

Then ...


Lyssa is disgusted by the whole sale of slaves, but finds herself drawn to one of the ladies on the selling block. After impulsively purchasing her, Lyssa now has to decide what to do with Alya -- she can't just keep her. But the former prostitute, now slave, has other plans for her new mistress, including convincing her to let her stay.

As if Lyssa doesn't have enough to deal with, her pilot and best friend Nita is having problems adjusting to the newest member of their crew, and how it makes her feel. Nita had once found what Lyssa has, but lost it thanks to her. When an accident gives Nita a second chance with the woman she loves, she risks Lyssa's wrath to be with her.

All Romance eBooks - Enslaving Heaven by Michelle Houston

Smashwords – Enslaving Heaven – a book by Michelle Houston

And finally ...


Tales of Sapphic Seduction

Thirteen erotic tales of hot and horny moments between two women as they explore soft perfumed flesh, taste of the peach of womanhood and savor the essence that leaks forth. BENEATH THE MISTLETOE is the story of a sexy woman who seduces her date at her office party. Enter a world of voyeurism in WINDOW DANCER as Amber watched her neighbor undress for bed. And many more … From slow, sensual lovemaking, to hot kinky sex, this collection has a bit of it all.

All Romance eBooks - Whispers In The Night: Tales of Sapphic Seduction by Michelle Houston

Smashwords – Whispers In The Night: Tales of Sapphic Seduction – a book by Michelle Houston

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