Sunday, May 17, 2015


When a man loves a woman ... and another man 

Rhiannon proposes an outrageous bet to her boyfriend Jesse, the outcome of which is sure to please them both in Nine Ball, Corner Pocket. In Their Harem Girl, Andrea is reading an article on spicing up ones sex life, and finds her imagination running wild when she reaches the suggestion about dress-up; will her husband and their lover approve of her choice? When Kara takes her pony boy to another Dom's stable to mount his pony, she never expected to be as turned on by it as she was; then again, she never expected the other pony to be a stallion in Wandering Where Led

Kurt has been keeping a secret from Candice - another man. What will she do when she finds out? Find out in Breakfast In Bed. In Dawning of Awareness, Caren gets caught watching her roommates making love - will she be asked to leave, or join in? Erika's boyfriend picks up a young man for them to share, to Double The Pleasure. Ashley and Taylor are house hunting - but find that their realtor is much more appealing than the house she is showing them in House For Sale, Realtor Not Included. Kyle has Secret Longings to submit - to both a Mistress, and a Master. Three friends become more during a night at the movies in Within Reach

When a woman loves a man ... and another woman 

Sabrina is a shameless sexual risk-taker, and discovers the delights of foreplay on the dance floor with an already-involved couple, and in being Exposed. A roommate with an exhibitionist's nature, and a willing boyfriend, leads Angela to question everything she thought she knew about her sexual needs - and her sexuality - thanks to their Spankology 101

In A Little Bit of Heaven, Bridgett's husband and her lover decide to solidify their relationship with her - together. After saving his roommates from an evil spider, A Not So Reluctant Hero is rewarded by the girls. In Introducing The Lovers Meghan has to decide is she is ready to take her relationship with Ava to a new level - inviting Ava's husband to join them. Stacy and Julie share everything - even Jim.. Will it be More Then He Bargained For? In Revelations Jared walks in on his wife cheating on him - with another woman; now he has to decide if he can accept her infidelity ... or if he should walk away. Three lovers enjoy a nice morning in bed together. in Three On A King Sized Bed.

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