Sunday, July 13, 2014

Print Editions

One of the things I have wanted to do for a while is get some of my stories out in print - for those that aren't too keen on reading via an electronic devise, and for those that just want a print copy.  So far I have two collections up and running ... but I plan on releasing others, if these go over well.


DIGGIN’ UP BONES: Zach’s back - and he’s digging for answers ...

All Alisa wants is to be left alone, but the discovery of Native American bones on her property make that wish impossible. Zach Bradford’s back in her life, bringing a whole lot of memories she wants to forget and questions she doesn’t want to answer. He’s not just digging for bones, he's digging into their past, searching for answers. Now Alisa must decide if she wants to live in the past or reach for a future with Zach.

A BID FOR LOVE: He bought her for 48 hours ...

Erika thought Ryan was out of her life. She thought she was over him. When he outbids her at an auction on her grandmother's painting, she's willing to do anything to get it from him. Her head says she can walk away after 48 hours. Her heart isn't so sure.

WILLED TO LOVE: Two former lovers are unprepared for the reading of a will. Can they live up to the terms?

Ashley Monroe wants a divorce. Not because she doesn't love her husband, but because she can’t take his family’s mistreatment any longer. Devon’s grandmother isn't about to let history repeat itself; she wrote her will to make sure of it.

A CHANGE OF PACE: Ten years ago, they were students in the same college class - but Nicole never imagined Alan saw her as anything more than a study-buddy. Now that’s about to change ..

.Nicole is frustrated with the emptiness of her life. A chance meeting with an old classmate ends with an invitation to his house for dinner. Nicole has enough regrets about the past. She’s not about to pass up what might be a second chance.

HER BEST MAN: What if her love for Rick wasn't unrequited?

Rick’s always been part of Katherine's life. He was even her husband’s best man at their wedding. And secretly, she’s always had more feelings for her husband’s best man than she should have. When her marriage falls apart, she finds out she’s not the only one who’s been keeping feelings secret.

~ * ~


Chasing Her Dream: Lydia had just one wish for her birthday--to be sexually dominated. Luckily for her, Shawn was more than willing and able to fulfill her fantasy. She just has to run first ... and trust him to chase her.

Tied With A Bow: Sylvia and Devin celebrate the holidays, with lots of ribbon and jingle-bells.

A Passion for Learning: Arianna and her husband are acting out one of his fantasies, the naughty schoolgirl and her stern taskmaster teacher, much to the enjoyment of both. Role-playing of a scientific nature.

Your Attention Please: Angela thrills in her job as a stripper, knowing how hot it makes her man to watch the crowd’s reaction to her. Afterwards, he will have to reassert his claim to her.

All About Trust: Melissa has finally found the perfect life partner - if she can find the strength to trust him. 

Bound In Love: Yvette isn't certain if she can live her greatest fantasy, to be bound and dominated - considering she has one secret she hasn't shared with her husband.

Cowboy’s Dungeon: In the barn, Natalie role-plays with her husband/master.

A Feast for the Senses: Blindfolded and bound to the island in the kitchen during her husband's dinner party, Lisa thrills in her submission.

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