Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New Releases and A Special Discount


The first time around they weren't ready.  
Now star-crossed lovers get A Second Chance At Love ...  

Two former lovers are unprepared for the reading of a will. Can they live up to the terms?

Although still in love with her husband  Devon , Ashley Monroe was seeking a divorce, thanks to his family and their mistreatment. When  Devon 's grandmother dies, and Ashley is included in the will, everything changes, because his grandmother wasn't about to let history repeat itself.

Word Count: Novelette
Sexuality: M/F

Available at:  All Romance eBooks  *  Smashwords

With the release of WILLED TO LOVE, my fifth Second Chance at Love story, I have discounted all five stories at All Romance eBooks 15-20%. But you have to hurry - the special pricing ends on 9/18.

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It's hell being in love with someone who doesn't know you're alive.  Or rather, who doesn't see you as anything more than an employee.  Just when he worked up the nerve to give his notice, a blackout trapped Alec with his boss, leaving him to explain to Nicholas why he has to leave a job he loves -- because he loves his boss more.  He had it all worked out, except for Nicholas' reaction.

Word Count: Short Story
Sexuality: M/M

Available at: All Romance eBooks   *   Smashwords

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