Monday, July 15, 2013

Who likes short shorts?

I hope YOU like short shorts, because I have plenty of them that are now available again.

First up is the combined Bedtime Tales collections repackaged together as WHISPERS BETWEEN LOVERS.  These 22 stories are now available in one collection.

A Night of French Passion
A Softer Kind of Love
A Taste of Heaven
A Tease and a Taste
Assume the Position
Early To Rise
Full Exposure
In The Dark of the Night
It Takes Time
Jeans and a Smile
Making Time
Passion's Flame Burns
The Scent of Lavender
S Is For Sex, Swinging and So Long
Some Personal Time
The Tender Haven of His Arms
Truth or Dare
Vanilla Wishes and Honeyed Dreams
With A Loving Touch
Within A Tangled Web

BLURB:  Looking for erotica to enjoy when you don’t have much time? Do you enjoy getting to the good stuff without the long build up?  Or maybe you are just looking for erotica to read with a lover – something to spice things up a little.

Short, sweet, to the point, and brimming over with sex and emotion, Whispers Between Lovers is a collection of short erotica to read with a lover; passionate prose to satisfy your desires when alone; and tempting morsels of desire to tease your mind, as well as your body.  This collection is packed with intimate moments, raw emotions, hot sex, and lots of sexy, naughty, sometimes kinky details.

Word Count: Nibbles, lots and lots of nibbles

Sexuality: M/F

Available at:  All Romance eBooks  *  Smashwords

* * *

Also available now is a collection of the solo stories from the Bedtime Tales collection, bundled as  LONGING FOR YOU.

A Touch of Silk
Long Distance Loving
Passion’s Storm
Autumn Breeze
Through the Walls Dreaming
Evolution of a Thought

BLURB:  Self-loving, paddling the pink canoe, flying solo ... these are just a few of the sexy terms for - you guessed it - female masturbation.  Whereas women will talk to each other about the kinky things they have tried in the bedroom with a lover, very few will talk about the out-of-this world orgasm they gave themselves.

Each of these stories are about women who aren't ashamed to go solo.  Whether they are thinking about their deployed husband, sharing with a lover, listening to the couple next door, remembering a love that has gone, or simply in the mood for some individual quiet time - each of these short erotic stories is about a woman who is unashamed to pleasure herself.

Word Count: Nibble

Sexuality: M/F

Available at:  All Romance eBooks  *  Smashwords

* * *

Still want more?  Well, then check out ELEMENTAL PASSION, three stories of the passionate fury of nature, love, and lust.  These stories are from the original Bedtime Tales volumes.

BLURB: * three stories of the passionate fury of nature, love and lust*

Nature's Blackout:  A couple enjoys a respite from the normal chaos of life, thanks to a blackout.

Into Each Day: A camping trip, and a rainstorm, brings lovers even closer together.

The Symphony of Spring: A leisurely afternoon swim turns into a hot encounter in the barn when two lovers return home.

Word Count: Nibble

Sexuality: M/F

Available at:  All Romance eBooks  *  Smashwords

* * *
Looking for something a little more - paranormal in nature?  Then PARANORMAL DELIGHTS might be just the thing for you.

BLURB:  Paranormal Delights is a collection of nine sexy tales of mortals, vampires, shifters, ghosts and angels.

Autumn Breeze: A breeze brings back memories, and something more.

Be Careful What You Wish For: On his birthday, a man wishes to understand the female mind and wakes up a woman.  

By The Light of the Moon: A woman finds her perfect match in an unexpected place.

Going Down?: A vampire finds himself trapped in an elevator with a woman who is more than she first appears.

Howl of the Full Moon: A werewolf prefers to sample the essence of female arousal rather than howling at the moon.  

On Angel Wings: Finding out her dream lover was real changes everything for one woman.

On The Prowl: A werecat’s mate waits for the sun to set, so her lover can claim her.

Peeping Ghost: A lonely ghost finds that watching almost makes up for what she missed.

To Dance with the Night: A very sensual vampire nibbles and savors his way through life. 

Word Count: Lots of nibbles

Sexuality: eight are M/F, one is M/F/F

Available at:   All Romance eBooks   *   Smashwords    

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