Tuesday, June 04, 2013

seXposed With Kendra

On today's seXposed with Kendra, we will be featuring human woman and their non-human men. Find out how they met, and tamed, their paranormal men. (SEXposed With Kendra)

Phoebe had to convince her werewolf lover that she is in it for the long-haul - regardless of what her family thinks.  (Never Tease A Wolf)

Meredith is an oceanographer who had to overcome societal differences between humans and merfolk to be with her merman. (Underwater Delights)

Next week, tune in for another exciting episode of seXposed With Kendra ...

Content Warning: A playful look at talk shows, and the interesting topics they discuss. These stories are erotic! They are short, but certainly not sweet.

Word Count: Nibble

Sexuality: M/F

Available at:
All Romance eBooks

* Note: SEXposed With Kendra and Never Tease A Wolf were previously available in the Celestial Bodies collection.  Underwater Delights was previously available in the Sensual Intimacies collection.

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