Sunday, June 09, 2013

Author Resources

Came across a couple of good posts (in my opinion anyways) that might be helpful for authors out there.

First up are two about the dreaded book description. : )\description/ 

If you are looking to do a print run of your elf-published releases, or of a release with a strictly electronic publisher, then this post about CreateSpace might be helpful to you.  

Or not ... ; )

Mileage can and does vary. LOL

A while back, I posted on the Inside Books We Love blog my Top 5 website suggestions.  If you haven’t read it, you can check it out here:

One of the posts I found is a really good bit of information about Author Websites, and whether an author's website is hurting their sales.

Might be interesting reading. And for those of you who are reading it and thinking, I can't do anything fancy, it isn't saying that. Just that it fits your writings, and that it is, well, professional looking.  It really isn't anything that requires a lot of money and time.

Another post I found interesting is that evidently there is something called a LOGLINE that we should also have for books. I've only ever been using a TAGLINE.\u-need-both-for-your-novel-by-r-ann-siracusa/

Hope you find it informative.

Another post I did was on some Bio suggestions.  I hope I have provided some tricks and tips that you will find useful.

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