Sunday, May 05, 2013

RT 2013

With lab finals this week, I was unable to attend the whole RT convention, but I did manage to go up to KC on Friday night and stayed for Saturday.  I really wish I had been able to do the whole week - a lot of the workshops looked like they would be really interesting.

Friday night I had dinner with Jamie Hill and Jude Pittman of Books We Love.  We ate a wonderful steak dinner at Pierpont's, which is in Union Station.  Was real nice to get a chance to sit down and talk shop.  Had a fun slumber-party with the ladies on Friday night at the Sheraton.  Stayed up way too late talking.

Saturday we had a nice breakfast, and then Jude and Jamie headed out while I headed down to the book fair.  Was real nice to meet some of the authors I read.  Instead of taking my books with me, I made up some bookplates that were personalized for each book.  I only made up some for each author - I didn't want to push my luck by asking them to sign one for each and every book.  So I picked a series for each, and that's what I made up.

Among those I went there to see were: Shayla Black, Lauren Dane, Maya Banks, Jaci Burton, Angela Knight, Sylvia Day, Julie Ann Walker, Linnea Sinclair, Lora Leigh, Pamela Palmer, and Karin Tabke.

Was great to meet two of the three ladies who originally got me started in reading romance - Jude Deveraux and Julie Garwood.  Both were so gracious and sweet.

I also got to meet Rachel Kramer Bussell, who has just as big of a personality as I had heard.  It was so exciting to meet her.

After the print book fair, I checked out a fair put on by some Indie Pubbed authors over at the Marriott off of the Plaza.  Got lots of bookmarks and biz cards, and from that plenty of books to check out.

From there, I headed home. Was going to stay and attend a couple of the evening activities, but a friend of mine came into town and I wanted to get home to visit with her.


Books We Love said...

It was so much fun meeting you Michelle. We'll it again soon~

Great that you got to meet so many authors, too.

A fun trip!

Jamie Hill

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Michelle,
Sounds like you had a great time. Must have been wonderful meeting up with Jamie and Jude.
Wish I didn't live so far away.



Lisabet Sarai said...

The one time I managed to make it to RT, I had an amazing time. All those names suddenly had faces!

(Good luck on your finals,btw.)