Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Behind The Cover Artist's Curtain

For a while now, I have been doing a series of posts on the Inside Books We Love blog about what goes into creating cover art (at least for me).  If you have any interest in a glimpse behind the scenes, please feel free to check them out.

The series of posts started with a brief run down of all of the aspects of cover art:

In the second post I addressed the dreaded Cover Art form:

Then I moved on to Image Selection:

Followed by Cover Elements:

Series covers:

And then today's post - the X-Factor in covers:

Next post I am going to look at Author Branding.

Also, I have done a couple other posts on various topics.

Top 5 Website Suggestions:

What's In A Biography?

I hope you enjoy my take on a couple of topics, and that you comment with your own suggestions for future posts as well as your thoughts on my posts.

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