Friday, December 31, 2010

Now Available: A Passion For Learning


Now available from All Romance eBooks and Smashwords.

Arianna's been a bad student, not doing her homework and hanging out with her friends, and it is up to her husband to punish her with a creative spanking in this role-playing short story.

Content warning: This is a short erotica story - very hot, but will be light on plot.

This is another of my Unleashed Ink stories, so it is fairly short and very hot!

Other Unleashed Ink titles are:

Tied With A Bow
Sylvia's husband Devin had to work at the hospital on Christmas Eve, but she has a delightful way for them to usher in Christmas Day, involving lots of ribbon and jingle-bells. Content warning: creative use of jingle-bells

Cowboy's Dungeon
Natalie's husband is the dominant in their sexual relationship. In all other aspects, she has an equal say, but when it comes to the bedroom (or his playroom) he sets the pace. Out in the barn, he has created a "dungeon" that would rival any city master's domain ... but he has added his own touch. Content warning: D/s, pony play, spanking

Nine Ball, Corner Pocket
Rhiannon proposes an outrageous bet to her boyfriend Jesse, the outcome of which is sure to please them both. Content warning: M/M, M/M/F

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