Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Some new reviews ...

I've got tons of comments and reviews to share, so settle in for a nice long post. : )

Found an older review of CAGING THE TIGER done by Seriously Reviewed:

"Caging the Tiger is a perfectly package tale of risk, trust, love and finally having someone special. Meric truly is the only one who can really understand Kyle. Not only have they developed their friendship, but if Kyle can reveal his secret they might have a chance at love. I enjoyed this story. A little history for them both, a little action to get them together, good interaction between Kyle and Meric and a small dose of hot man on man..err…shifter on shifter sex. Excellent story, Ms. Houston. I look forward to reading more of your work ."

Seriously Reviewed recently took a look at ALL ALONE IN THE NIGHT:

"Ms. Houston does a great job of giving us their history without bogging down the story. It has a nice set up and nice middle with lots of scorching hot sex. I loved Riana waking up to Braden and Davin making love. Yum. The sexual tension was thick and heavy. And top it off with an ending that really couldn’t be anything but what it was. Of course I won’t spoil the story by telling you everything. If I have a complaint it’s in the BDSM aspects of the story. I thought they were a bit out of place. I definitely felt the roles. Braden being the Alpha male, taking care of Davin and Riana. Their long term attraction makes the connections believable [...] a book you don’t want to put down."

ALL ALONE IN THE NIGHT was also recently reviewed by Siren Book Reviews:

"This futuristic story turns into a hot, erotic adventure. The chemistry between the characters is wonderful. The alpha male, Braden, is tempered by the loving male, Davin. The dynamics make for an interesting ménage a trio with a little BDSM thrown into the mix.It’s a great short story and the author does a nice job of drawing the reader into her world. Based on this story, I would seek others written by Michelle Houston!"

While the official reviews for BLACKOUT haven't come in yet, a reader took the time to post a really nice comment about it on Goodreads. "A short and sexy story about an office worker falling for his boss. For me, the fun was in the details of this variation of the well-known plot unfolding. "

Another reader via Goodreads took the time to comment on WILLED TO LOVE. "I loved this book. I am adding it to my read again pile. It is a small book but I love second chance stories and this was a very good one. "

CAGING THE TIGER also got it's critique via a willing to share reader on Goodreads. "I liked this ... read about Kyle, a young orphaned shifter who is desperate to find out if there are others like him. The illusionist (Mark) who Kyle has been exchanging letters with for years finally comes to his town and they meet in person. There is some miscommunication and I liked the way Kyle feels his way toward the total trust required if he really wants to become Mark's mate."

There is also a fabulous! comment about A BID FOR LOVE on Goodreads. "A Bid For Love is a delightfully deceptive story. Being only 26 pages, I did not expect to read a concise, well written story of love lost and then found again but it showed me that looks are deceiving. The story itself is about a deception that was played by a minor character for her families benefit but that also deceived our heroine. The instrument that brings our main characters together again is a painting by a grandmother. Virginia Gleeson’s paintings were not what one would expect and they were sold off for gambling debts when an uncle deceived his sister and niece and sold them. The characters of Erika and Ryan were beautifully fleshed out. I found myself caring about them and their individual stories. Ryan Carstairs is Erika’s ex-boyfriend who purchased the painting that she was trying to acquire at an auction. ... He sees his opportunity to acquire more when he offers the painting to Erika in exchange for 48 hours of her being his slave. I could tell that he really cared about Erika’s feelings when he stopped his games. The way the past break up was explained was done in an ingenious way. I could not be mad at either Ryan or Erika. The well written plot and emotional dialog had me glued to my chair to see what occured next. A Bid For Love is another fantastic story by Ms. Houston that I highly recommend reading."

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