Thursday, June 03, 2010

Now Available: All Alone in the Night

ALL ALONE IN THE NIGHT is now available! Whoohoo!!!

You can buy it direct from Phaze at

Riana had almost given up hope of ever finding her lost comrades, and friends, when the Earth-Space Initiative finally decided to send her on a fact finding mission, almost two years after Braden and Davin had gone missing. They figured it was finally safe.

They figured wrong.

Now Riana is stuck on a strange planet, lucky to be alive after being sucked into a wormhole. And she wasn’t the only one stranded there; she had found the missing pilots. With no way home, and only themselves to answer to, they had plans for her; plans several years in the making.

You can read a sneak peek on the Phaze Excerpts blog at:

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