Friday, January 15, 2010

New reviews for CAGING THE TIGER

Woke up this morning to two new reviews for Caging the Tiger.

""Caging the Tiger" is a perfectly package tale of risk, trust, love and finally having someone special...I enjoyed this story. A little history for them both, a little action to get them together, good interaction between Kyle and Meric and a small dose of hot man on man..err…shifter on shifter sex. Excellent story, Ms. Houston. I look forward to reading more of your work." ~ Seriously Reviewed

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"There is obvious a parallelism between being gay and being an otherworldly creature. Kyle feels lonely and like a misfit not only for being gay but also for being a “strange” creature. In a world where, hopefully, being gay is no more the tragedy it was before, the author adds the shapeshifter nature of Kyle to put a heavy burden on his shoulder. A burden that Kyle hopes Mark will help him to discard. The short story is sweet and nice, and there is a very romantic feeling when Kyle is swept away by Mark" ~ Elisa Rolle

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