Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Cover: Willed To Love

Ohhhh baby I LOVE how this cover turned out. I think this is by far my favorite cover to date.

It took me forever to figure out just how I wanted the cover to lay out. I knew that I wanted a will, a set of wedding rings, and either a couple, a woman, or both somehow on the cover. I also wanted the font to match some of the others in the Second Chance At Love series.

The heroine is a redhead, so the main image was perfect. She's pensive with lovely curly red hair. Finding an image of a couple that I could blend into the background was a stroke of luck.

At first I didn't have the couple there, I just had the woman and the will with the rose and rings. When I saw the couple, I just knew it would look fantastic. It was only a matter to creating the layers I needed to blend everything in, with the woman's face standing out and everything else faded.

Then it was just a matter of figuring out how in the heck I wanted the font to layout. I had the font with colors and all, but there wasn't any real good look I could find to place it. Thanksfully Alessia was able to help me with it.

And viola!


Pat said...

love the cover it is great


Michelle Houston said...

Thanks Pat. : ) I'm glad that you like it.