Saturday, October 10, 2009

The follow-up ...

A few days ago I posted about a redtailed hawk that my hubby and I had rescued.

I got the call yesterday ...

The poor thing's wing would never recover from the damage to it. They did an x-ray and it was dislocated, so they tried to relocate the wrist joint, but the damage around the area was too extensive.

They had gotten him rehydrated and he was eating, but he wasn't doing well in captivity. So they had to put him down.

I tell myself that it really was the best thing, that now he isn't suffering. And wild animals are meant to be wild, not live in cages just because it hurts us to have to do what's in their best interests.

So I cried, but I also felt good knowing that the hawk was put down in a safe, warm environment, and that it was humane. Letting him starve to death would have been cruel. So I am glad that we went a got him, and that we dealt with the inconvenience of missing a couple of classes to get him to the rehab center.

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