Thursday, August 06, 2009

Into The Light ...

Whoohooo! I am going to be in a third Coming Together collection, this one titled Into The Light. The theme is all about revelations and will benefit V-Day, an organization that works to end voilence towards woman and children.

My story deals with a woman coming to the realization that she is attracted, very attracted, to other women.

Here's the official TOC.

Introduction (Candida Royalle)
A Compromising Position (Saskia Walker)
Doesn't Matter (Celia Kyle)
Far From Ordinary (Jenna Byrnes)
Foundling (Brenna Lyons)
How Paradise Comes to the Blind (C. Sanchez-Garcia)
Involuntarily (Jeremy Edwards)
Jake (Alessia Brio)
Past or Present (Heidi Champa)
Samers (Gregory L. Norris)
Sand and Steel (Shanna Germain)
Smut Puppy (Allison Wonderland)
Staying Cool (Michelle Houston)
Take Off My Clothes (Nobilis Reed)
The DoubleDare Hotel (Will Belegon)
The Feast of the Epiphany (Jean Roberta)

Coming Together: Into The Light will be coming on in Jan 2010 in both ebook and print from Phaze.

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