Monday, July 06, 2009

Top 20 for June

Oh my goodness!!!

EMBRACING THE LEOPARD made it to #3 on the Phaze Top 20 for June. Whoohoo! That's my highest ranking yet.

It's also sitting at #1 for Phaze on Fictionwise right now. : )

This feels so good!

What's really cool is that four of the top 20 at Phaze have my covers. LOL

Never Say Goodbye - Jenna Byrnes
Embracing the Leopard - mine : )
Drawn To You - Nona Wesley
Livin' On A Prayer - Jude Mason

I know it being my covers doesn't mean anything, since the writers are kick ass, but still, it is nice. : )

1 comment:

Jenna Byrnes said...

I love our Slippery When Wet covers. Nice work, Michelle! Congrats on making #3!