Monday, June 15, 2009

Belizan It - days 9 and 10

I thought about waiting to make this post until I got home, but I actually am done packing and have 2 hours left until we head to the air port. So I have time. LOL

Saturday: (project day)

All week long, during out snorkels, we have been using underwater cameras to capture images of some of the critters we learned about in class. Our class was divided into five groups, and students from a near-by community college that attended the trip with us were mixed into our groups.

Each group was given a list of organisms to find, allowing for four substitutions if there was something we just could not find. We could also trade photos, if another group had one that we needed.

Rather than going out on the last snorel, which after seeing manatee and a loggerhead, would have been anti-clamatic, I stayed back at the field station, and worked on the project and did some light shopping with the few that stayed behind with me. Then when everyone else got back, we all worked on finishing up the project, and then after dinner we did presentations.

Right now there are a group of middle/high schoolers from a provate school up North staying with us, and some of them watched the presentations.

Then it was time to kick-back and relax. : )

Sunday: (free day)

I mentioned early on that I was thinking of going cave-tubing. Well, I went on Sunday with hubby and 6 other students.

It was kick-ass.

First we stopped at the Belize Zoo, which isn't a zoo like we have in the states. Everything there is native to the area, just not something often seen. All the animals started out hurt, as pets that people realized they couldn't care for, etc. The cages were all done in a natural setting, and the walkways made to blend in to the scenery.

After that, we hit the road and headed to the mountain for tubing.

We had to hike 45 min carrying our tubes, which wasn't too bad, since we were under the canopy. Then the fun began. We got to go through two different cave systems, instead of the normal one, so it was an hour and a half trip, rather than an hour.

It was fantastic. The water was cold, but refreshing after a week+ without air conditioning.

And the formations were phenomenal. I love caves, and going through one while on the water was a unique experience. We were there, observing part of the natural process of what forms the caves in the first place.

Then we grabbed a bite to eat at a restaurant then headed back to the island.

After dinner at the field station, some of us headed out for some last minute shopping. LOL Hubby got a nice Belize golf-shirt and I picked our daughter up a last minute T-shirt. Already had gotten her one, but figured she would like this one too.

And now it is Monday morning, and we are all getting ready to leave. The suit cases are packed, everything is ready to go except for the lap-tops.

It's been a hell of an adventure.


D. Musgrave said...

That sounds like an amazing trip and one which should carry a lifetime of memories. I'm so glad you got the opportunity to go and took advantage of it.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you've had a lot of fun. I'm so jealous.

Michelle Houston said...

Thanks guys. : )

Two years ago, when the class was last offered, a friend of mine went. I was so envious of her. She came back raving about how cool it all was, and I was kicking myself in the ass about not going then.

I almost didn't go this time around either. I was signed up for the class, but my financial aid was tapped out, so I had to drop something, and unfortunatly, Marine Ecology was it. At the last minute, I got a scholarship which gave me the ability to take the class over the spring semester. The class was full at that point, but since my husband was in it, the professor overrode me into it.

This is the first time I have EVER done anything like this. Normally a vacation for me is a few days on a beach and a trip to the zoo there. That's it.