Sunday, June 07, 2009

Belizan It -- day 3


Today was a really fun day.

After breakfast, we headed out to Mexico Rocks. We snorkeled three different locations, each with different features. Between the first and second location, we had lunch.

Then we came back for dinner, and then headed down to the beach for beach seining, which is basically a drag net that it curled in a half circle, and then you lift it up and see what you brought in. We grabbed everything and dropped it into a bucket to look at it, then at the end of the fourth dragging, we let everything go.

Tomorrow looks to be another full day. We are heading out to a mangrove area, and will be doing as fairly shallow snorkeling, but in an area with real fine silt. So the slightest brush of our fins along the bottom can stir up enough sediment to cloud the water around us for 20 minutes.

Should be an adventure. LOL

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