Saturday, May 09, 2009

Some more new covers ...

These are titles that have previously been released with Phaze, but are getting updated covers. I'm not sure when the covers will go live.

DEVIL'S NIGHT by Meg Winston

Practical Cat Harrison had plans for her night off. Battery-operated plans. Then her sexy ex-best friend, Drew Benedict, darkens her door and her night goes to hell.
"Demon" Drew loves every curvy inch of "Wild" Cat, but when he tells her, she laughs. So he resorts to Plan B: handcuffs. If she wants out, she'll have to tell him she loves him, too, or prove she doesn't. And Drew plans to be wickedly convincing.

BEHIND THE COVER: The author sent in a cover info form, but thanks to having read the book, I knew about another possible concept than the one she had proposed. Thankfully, the author mentioned that she was willing to go with something else, that she had just proposed what she thought would be easy to do.

So I got to play. : ) And when the author got the cover, I got a squeel of excitment and tons of gushing over it. Some days, I love my job.

LEGAL EDENTITY by Karen Harley

They're the most intimate of Badini Sweet lives fourteen hundred miles away in Issaquah, Washington, but when it comes to sharing her deepest thoughts, she turns to David in Minneapolis, Minnesota. And lately all her thoughts are about her sensual craving for another man!
A lifelong wanderer, David Argeld changes his women as often as he changes his career. Now Badini Sweet is making him doubt his determination never to settle down. Suddenly it's not enough to answer Badini Sweet's erotic questions with his usual offhand humor. Suddenly he has to tell her of his own needs...
With only some stimulating e-mails for company, David launches on his own very male fantasy, never expecting that one simple e-mail might change everything.

BEHIND THE COVER: This title I had also read, so I had a was able to come up with a concept when we weren't able to get in touch with the author. Since the bulk of the story deals with the premise of emails between friends, it was a no brainer to use a sexy image of a woman trying on a computer. The manilla folder is a nod to the office setting, as is the lady in the business suit.

SUBURBIA by Bridget Midway

What's a wife have to do to get her husband's attention? Helen tries everything in the book---or at least in one magazine---to grab Jason's attention. But is the effort enough or should she stick to baking cookies and heading up PTA meetings?

BEHIND THE COVER: This one was fun to do, since I got to go with an image that isn't typical. : ) A woman wrapped in shrink wrap. LOL But it fits the author's instructions. And she author loved it when it was done.


Fairy Tales with an Adult Attitude!
The Gilded Girdle and Three Wishes will satisfy adult tastes in naughty fairy tales!

BEHIND THE COVER: The concept behind this story is a bit farsicle, so coming up with a cover was difficult. The author wanted a phallic castle in the background, and what's there was the best I could do. As for the lady, she is sexy yet kind of princessy. : )

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