Monday, March 09, 2009

Newest cover created ...

Well, I'm done with another cover for Phaze. : )

This one is for Scarlett Vaughn's Slaves of Shebwai. The artwork was done by Scott P Vaughn.

BEHIND THE COVER: The author mentioned having a concept of the characters done in artwork, so I took a look and got permission to use the image, both from the author and the head of the art dept.
Then came the hard part. I wanted to bring some element from the image into the cover, and the ribbon around the lady's wrists seemed perfect. But getting it to sit behind the text where the text could be seen, while still being able to tell what it was, was tricky. Finally I achieved what I was looking for.
~ * ~
King Henrick of Capriana has charged Lady Eronica of Tibeth with a dangerous and seductive mission – to cross the Ocean and spy upon his enemy, the Sultan of Shebwai. Driven by patriotism and a desire to ascend beyond her station, Eron nevertheless feels as though she and her maid Corine may be in over their heads. Trained in the arts of pleasure and servitude, Eron regularly turns the tide to her advantage, first as a pirate’s captive, then as a harem slave. Even the mysterious captain of the Angry Goddess, James Jovark, cannot tame her, though she may have in fact tamed his heart. But Eron is soon trapped within the Sultan’s palace, where she is forced to resort to carnal debauchery, and the pleasure – and power – that comes with the ultimate submission. She must match wits against Sultan Jatuu and elude the evil of his Necromancer in order to somehow escape back to Capriana. But Eron never intended to fall in love along the way…

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