Friday, March 20, 2009

My evening's adventures

So, I had an interesting evening. But I need to back up a bit to fill you in on details ...

About a week ago, I went to my local bookstore to try and find the latest Susan Grant ( book, since I finally had the cash to pick it up, and right by the front door was a poster announcing an upcoming booksigning. The author - Michele Bardsley (

Now I got hooked on her books thanks to Mary Janice Davidson ( And I got hooked on Mary Janice thanks to Angela Knight ( But I digress ...

So I notice this sign that says Michele is coming to my little Missouri town for a booksigning. After picking my jaw up from the floor, I went home, jumped on to her mailing list and chatted with her.

Then the week went by and today arrived.

So I went to work, came home, had dinner and then headed out to the booksigning. And there Michele was. Funny, gracious lady that she is. : )

It was a great feeling to be able to sit and talk to another author, another romance/erotic romance author, to hear pointers, to talk shop and to generally just have a good time. Derek Musgrave ( is great for this too ... we love getting together and talking shop. It's just so damn much fun to get together with someone else who understands the voices in my head. : )

Now I don't get all awe-struck at meeting other authors, partially because I am just not a "oh celebrity oh oh oh" kind of person. I'm just not. I could meet a movie star and not really get all giddy.

But meeting another author, getting to just sit and chat, that is a great feeling. So tonight was a blast.

I didn't know ahead of time, but found out that another author, Renee George (, was also there. She's also a joy to be around. : )

So I got my copies of Michele's books signed, stayed and chatted, and I hope made some new friends. It really was fun to meet both ladies ...

Kind of a kick to see one of my professors there too. : )

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