Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's not even my birthday yet ...

I received notice a few weeks ago that The Happy Birthday Book of Erotica was going to have a spanish edition coming out.
To be honest, with midterms approaching, and everything else that was going on, I really didn't pay too much attention. In fact, it completely slipped my mind until I checked the mailbox yesterday, and a letter from Alison Tyler was there. The book is called Pide un deseo.
I am not certain how exactly is translates, since the program I use says "It requests a desire". So anyone who speaks spanish who wants to help me out here, I will greatly appreciate it. : )
The rest of the text, 'Relatos eroticos sobre cumpleanos muy felices' comes across as 'Erotic stories on very happy birthdays'.
I don't have any information on where this anthology can be purchased yet, or even the ISBN number for it. When I do, I shall share.
Isn't the cover gorgeous though?

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